26 Apr 2016


Almond Milk Cappuccino from The Juniper Bistro


One thing that I have always told myself was that at some point in my life, I will live on the West Coast of Canada. Well, I wouldn’t say that Fort McMurray is what I pictured BUT it is close to some of the most beautiful places in the country. Last week, me and Leroy decided to take a couple days to go enjoy the beautiful mountains in Alberta. Our goal was to enjoy our time and to do what we could to stay active and eat well while we travelled.

We arrived in Banff a little later than expected, so we thought it would be a perfect idea to go night skiing at Mount Norquay. We arrived all the hill all excited to go skiing/snowboarding and then realized how unprepared we were, we needed snow pants, gloves, rentals etc. etc. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a couple hours of skiing, we decided on the next best thing; rocking climbing and bouldering! We have gone bouldering once before in Halifax and had the best time. When we arrived at the Banff Center, the wall wasn’t nearly as awesome as the place in Halifax Seven Bays Bouldering but we were still happy to be doing something active. We spent a solid hour or so there until we couldn’t grip anything anymore.


Day 2, we again contemplated the idea of going skiing, but again decided against it. Instead we decided to drive to Lake Louise, one of my favorite places in Alberta and a place that holds some special memories for us. We planned to do a hike around the lake but when we arrived and saw everyone with skates and hockey sticks, we decided we would join the crowd. We rented skates for $13 and got to take in the beautiful lake and mountains from a completely different view. It was incredible! We skated laps around the rink, did some handstands and really took in the beautiful scenery.

Life can really get busy at times so I believe that we need to take time to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life. Here are some snap shots from the trip! Can’t wait to get to the BC mountains next!


Checkout my handstand video here


Want to see Leroy’s smooth moves on ice? Check it out here


Beautiful ice sculpture on the lake.


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