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24 May 2018

Turkey Chilli by Celine

I love comfort food. When I think of comfort food I think of something warm, hardy and delicious.  Can all these things really be healthy? Seems like a myth right, but It doesn’t have to be. Chilli is one of those things that every family and restaurant have their staple on. All delicous in their […]

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16 Apr 2018

CHIT CHAT CHOP Episode // Kitchen Door Catering

I had a blast on CHIT CHAT CHOP with Chef Ben Kelly and the Kitchen Door Catering Team. Watch the full episode below.  I recently started doing Paleo and asked Chef Ben to cook up some healthy paleo breakfast ideas that are easy to grab and go in the morning. Hope you guys enjoy the […]

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01 Apr 2018

KDAVIS Fitness App

IT’S FINALLY HERE!   After months of hard work, I am so excited to finally launch the KDAVIS Fitness app and help people around the world become stronger, healthier and happier! Thank you to my incredible husband Leroy for his constant love, support and guidance, both in front of and behind the scenes. To my […]

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05 Mar 2018

Our Fit Life Ep. 2 – Partner Core Workout

Hope you guys had a chance to check out OUR FIT LIFE Livestream yesterday. Leroy and I did a fun partner core workout! It only took about 20 minutes start to finish and was it was a good challenge for both of us. If you did miss it,  you can check it out here HERE. Using […]

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11 Nov 2016


A little while ago I posted the NAME GAME CHALLENGE, today I want to challenge all of you to the REMEMBRANCE DAY CHALLENGE in honour of all those who have served and for those who continue to do so for our amazing country! To take the challenge complete the workout below.  It just so happens […]

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24 Oct 2016

Does eating fat make you fat?!

I hear this question all the time, “Will eating fat, make me gain weight (fat)?” and the answer is NO! Eating fat does not make you fat, it actually does the opposite if you are eating the RIGHT fats.   Want to know more on this topic? Check out Stephanie McWilliams informative video of the benefits […]

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