21-Day Workout Warrior


Are you bored of your current routine?
Hit a fitness plateau?
Want to take your training to the next level?
Maybe you are a trainer who just wants to try someone else’s routines?
Then this challenge is for you!

Train like Jesse for 21 days – Gain strength, endurance, explosiveness, power, and core stability!

With a combination of traditional resistance training, with bodyweight exercises, circuits, and HIIT training. So you will blast calories, build strength and push yourself to new limits!



*Note: App Membership not included in this challenge

  • Gym based program

  • Intermediate to advanced fitness levels

  • 6 workouts a week

  • Workouts range from 20-60 minutes

  • Recommended equipment: barbell, dumbbells, pull up bar, kettlebells, medicine ball, cable machine or long resistance bands

  • Provided on the KDAVIS Fitness App

  • Video demos available on app for you to follow along with at real time, or go at your own pace

  • Goals of the program are to gain strength, power, explosiveness, endurance, lean muscle, and shred fat!

  • Workouts consist of traditional resistance training as well as plyometrics, circuits, and HIIT to really challenge your fitness and take it to the next level!


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