30-Day Spring Shred


Are you looking to add some variety to your workouts?

Do you love working out outside, at home or with minimal equipment?

Are you wanting to shed a few pounds, tone up your legs, booty and arms?

Then this challenge is for you!


Details of the Challenge:

  • Start Date: Monday, May 6th
  • Length of Challenge: 30 Days (including the first 7 days for free)
  • Length of Workouts: 20-40 mins / 5-6 Days per week
  • Equipment Needed: None required but we highly recommend purchasing Booty Bands and @bodyrockofficial Weighted Vest – CLICK HERE to purchase yours!
  • Program Design: HIIT, circuit training, yoga and running
  • Nutrition: You will receive a new meal plan every single week (delicious recipes included)
  • Prize: $5 from every purchase will go towards the “Winner Fund” The person who scores the most points at the end of the challenge will win the fund!
    •  How to earn points? We have a 5 point system every week, the person (or people) who earn all 5 points every week (20 points in total) will win (or split) the cash prize!


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