90 To Fit 2.0 / January Challenge

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Laura and Kayla have come together to build the 90 TO FIT 2.0, a well-rounded and challenging 3-month program. Together, we will work on improving your overall health and fitness level, challenging both your mind and body to step outside of your comfort zone. #ChallengeYourFitness


Big transformations can happen in just 90 days! 

After purchasing the 90 To Fit program, Kayla will reach out to you to pick your start date for the program. After you choose your commitment date, the program will be scheduled into your calendar on the KDAVIS App.  The first phase of the programs starts with focusing on improving your muscular endurance and balance, then move into building strength, and lean muscle mass and finally finishing with a fat burning and conditioning phase!

Important Note: You will require some gym equipment for this challenges (ie. treadmill, rower, barbells, dumbbells) If you have any questions before committing to the program please reach out to


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