90 To Fit 2.0 / January Challenge


Laura and Kayla have come together to build the 90 TO FIT 2.0, a well-rounded and challenging 3-month program. Together, we will work on improving your overall health and fitness level, challenging both your mind and body to step outside of your comfort zone. #ChallengeYourFitness

START DATE: Monday, January 7th

We listened to your feedback from the previous challenges and we are now going to be offering THREE Meal plan options to choose from every month (ie. Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto etc.). That means every 4 weeks, you will receive new recipes, a new grocery list and calorie recommendations based on your meal plan of choice!

You will receive a new workout program every 3-4 weeks on the KDAVIS App. We will start off by focusing on improving your muscular endurance and balance, then move into building strength, and lean muscle mass and finally finishing with a fat burning and conditioning phase!

Testing/ Progress Tracking 
We will be doing testing in all energy systems at the beginning, middle and end of the program as well as progress pictures.

Cash Prizes and Giveaways 
Every two weeks we will be doing a LIVE Facebook/Instagram chat to go over the week and answer any questions you have regarding the program. Instead of doing one big prize at the end of this challenge, we are going to do a giveaway every two weeks! Everyone who has perfect points (in every two-week block) will be put into the draw for the prize. We will also be awarding the bi-weekly Winner of the Cash Prizes/ Giveaways on our LIVE videos.
** How you can earn points will be made very clear before the challenge start date.

Goal Setting
Everyone is going to set some big personal goals before starting the challenge.  We will revisit these goals throughout the program.


Important Note: You will require some gym equipment for this challenges (ie. treadmill, rower, barbells, dumbbells) If you have any questions before committing to the program please reach out to or


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